Why bring Native Movement to your School?

Health and Wellbeing programs have been introduced to many Schools in Victoria with Yoga & Mindfulness being a regular feature in many of these Programs.  Native Movement is honoured to have been able to provide this service to many of the schools in Melbourne and Internationally. The inclusion of Yoga and Mindfulness classes into these wellbeing programs has given teenagers many tools to deal with stress and anxiety often experienced through the usual ups and downs of life. Yoga also develops both physical and inner strength which can be attributed to the building of confident, happy teenagers who are more resilient and better able to deal with the challenges life sometimes provide.

Our Yoga & Mindfulness programs are aimed at teaching teenagers how to release tension in their bodies making them feel calmer and more relaxed.  Yoga also works on the nervous system and teaches teenagers how to breathe correctly which facilitates higher concentration levels and an overall sense of wellbeing. The regular practice of yoga also assists with many common aches and pains generally associated with students sitting at desks for extended periods.  

Native Movement can tailor a Health and Wellbeing package to suit your school and the specific needs of your students. Classes can be held in a suitable space on school premises or in our Studio in South Bank.


Why invite Native Movement to your School/ Institute?

  1. Increases self-confidence and Self-esteem.

  2. Reduces Stress & Anxiety.

  3. Increases memory, and attention span.

  4. Helps in managing a healthy lifestyle and weight.

  5. Teaches correct breathing control.

  6. Encourages self-love and self-care.

  7. Helps to bring peace of mind.

  8. Improves self-control.

  9. Reduces absence and violence in school.

  10. Boosts immunity and overall wellbeing.

  11. Improves quality of sleep.