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Native Movement is a Melbourne based platform through which we share our practice and love for Yoga. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Below you can find a list of Native Movement’s upcoming Classes, workshops and Retreats. May divinity be met within your practise on & off the mat.


Collaborative environments that restore the truth of our inner-engineering so that we can be collectively, well. Mats, bolsters, blankets and all props are provided and we provide gratuity based classes daily.



Our Studio is based in Southbank, Melbourne, offering intimate class sizes, individualized training, group classes, one-on-ones. Take a look at our upcoming schedule for December.


Making Yoga and Mindfulness available at the workplace is driven not for just optimizing results within your team, but also ensure we’re providing them with the best opportunity to not only improve , their lives.



Taking time to retreat is important for the soul, and for centering yourself in who you are. Connect and see where Native Movement will be next on our souls adventure.


Clients who have chosen to NATIVELY move…