“I would stand on my mat to find myself once again”

Thank you so much for your great classes, it was an amazing experience to me being a part of it. The programme was less than one month but the teachings were many. I really enjoyed Yoga with Tarlina. One of my favourite teachers I can say, being in that moment. Tarlina gave what we really needed on a Sunday morning after a stressful weekday. Every morning after getting up and doing some meditation, I would stand on my mat to find myself one again.”

Rafeek Muhammed - Former Logistics Coordinator at Dilmah Tea

“So grateful to have Tarlina as our Instructor at the Arts Centre, always brings such a positive vibe. Such a pleasure to attend class”.

Sophie-Grace Thomson - Employee of Arts Centre

“I couldn’t believe how connected I felt to my own body”

"Being involved in martial arts for many years as a professional fighter and instructor I've attempted many forms of physical training. Yoga had always appealed to me but I had never made an attempt to give it a go. My first ever session was with Tarlina. I couldn't believe how connected I felt to my own body after my first experience. Tarlina's method of instructing was very warm and I never felt I couldn't do what was asked of me. Not only was my first impression of yoga amazing and insightful, but I would seek out Tarlina's expertise time and time again"

Vik Gurjic - UFC Fighter and Retired Australian Professional MMA Fighter

An intimate yoga studio which goes back to what yoga really stands for, going deeper than just the poses and yoga as an exercise. This space is a gem amongst many more commercial studios.

A nurturing and gentle yoga practice suited towards new and learning students!

Reimar Sholz - Investment Analyst Vanguard

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